2020 construction of  Dan Leech designed OK dinghy


One Offs (random selection)

Construction of “Gen Mar” Vismara 1/4 tonner in kevlar, S-glass, Pvc wet lay up
Winner 1/4 ton Cup 1993

Gen Mar

Construction “Dimore del Garda” Ceccarelli 42′ lake Garda racer in carbon nomex Prepreg

Winner Centomiglia 1993

Dimore Del Garda

Construction of “Wiva” (“Nastro Azzurro”) Farr 50′ singlehanded racer in carbon, kevlar, Pvc wet lay up
Winner Roma per due 1999 and 2000 2nd Class II Ostar2000, 2nd Class II Quebec-St Malo 2000


Construction of “Shining” Frers 60′ open racer in carbon nomex prepreg
Winner barcolana 1999 and 2000


Construction of “Cometa” Cossutti 65′ canting keel open racer in carbon, pvc wet lay


Winner Barcolana 2001


Fanatic Luffe 54′ total refit

Magica Nelson 67′ total refit

Valk upgrade

For other  boatyards:

Neville Hutton  Amsterdamned,  Mean machine, Lone

East Asian Composites Ltd. Zhuhai, China  : 45′ carbon catamaran

Green marine:  Malcolm McKeon  32.5 m

Contest yachts  contest 42′; contest 50′; contest 57′; contest 85′